Since the 80s in Portugal, talented musician and guitarist Luis Amaro has played guitar in numerous heavy metal bands such as Deadwitch, Exiled, and Stone Cold Lips.

2020 was the start of a new project, CoastWise, a hard rock back which due to the pandemic, had difficulty with rehearsals and songwriting. Soon the L.A. PROJECT was born, originally as it was an instrumental band but it quickly blossomed as tracks and ideas elaborated into fully complete songs. The L.A. PROJECT recorded 3 songs, all with different vocalists (Angela, Mel Pollux, and Eric Castiglia) to create a unique vocal style for each song. The project also used 2 drummers with different playstyles (Christian Gangeri and Bernardino Ponzani) between the 3 songs. The new EP now includes musicians, Lukky, Sparxx from Exxocet (vocals and guitar), Rich Fray from Annihilator (bass), and Fabio Alessandrini from Bonfire/Annihilator (drums)

The first song, “Carry On” features powerful lead guitar work, booming drums, and thumping bass. L.A. PROJECT features passionate singing, excellent vocal harmonies, and enormous choruses. “Carry On” blends elements of classic metal and modern metal into a concoction that listeners will greatly enjoy. The sound can be described as melodic metal with good vibes and brilliant lyrical content. L.A. PROJECT is a band with huge potential that you need to keep an eye on!

For Fans Of:

Dio, KISS and Led Zeppelin - Rock, Classic Rock, 80s Music