South Florida’s Vagrant Son Announce 6-track Alternative Metal EP “Bleed Me”

South Florida’s Vagrant Son Announce 6-track Alternative Metal EP “Bleed Me”
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“Bleed Me” Out July 26th.

South Florida’s very own Vagrant Son is excited to announce the release of their 3rd EP, “Bleed Me”. The band’s electrifying blend of hard rock, alternative metal, and metalcore creates a fresh and modern sound that is Distinct to Vagrant Son. With chunky instrumentals, heavy-hitting guitar riffs, and expert blending of singing and harsh vocals, “Bleed Me” is an impressive and truly attractive release that showcases what the South Florida act has to offer.

“Bleed Me” delves into the degradation of relationships and how it affects you, internally and externally. The tracks “Every Now & Then”, and “Poison” reflect on the concept of how relationships chip away as time passes and can lead to frustration, disarray, and contempt. In contrast, rock anthems “Tiny Imperfections”, and “Stay” dive into internal struggles of how to deal with yourself, finding personal happiness, and what we need to do to be able to look ourselves in the mirror and feel content. “Bleed Me” is brimming with powerful, thought-provoking, and memorable lyrics:

“Beaten, broken, and beautiful. Blessed by imperfections”
“It’s so easy to buy all the lies when you fall for them too.”

Vagrant Son masterfully crafts a refined mix of melody and destruction, with sing-along choruses and bright guitar melodies being contrasted by screaming and crushingly heavy, distorted guitar riffs. “Bleed Me” displays a sound that draws deep emotional responses from listeners - stadium-worthy choruses create lasting impressions while drop-tuned breakdowns make dramatic and brutal sections throughout the EP.

Through their music Vagrant Son creates fresh and innovative sounds that mix in indie rock, djent, trap beats, and more - forming a varied array of musical influences, while staying true to the band’s rock and heavy metal roots. The 3rd track “Catastrophe” is groovy and danceable, inspired by bands like Panic! At The Disco while keeping a dynamic rock-fueled musical style.

Title track, “Bleed Me” was inspired by the classic novel “1984” by George Orwell. The song starts off with a brutally heavy chugging guitar intro, bright progressive instrumentals, ambient atmospheres, and addictively catchy vocal hooks. One of the band’s personal favorites of the EP, “Bleed Me” is a powerhouse of a song, utilizing clean vocals with progressive metal instrumentals to create melodic yet intense soundscapes. In a final explosion of sound that closes out the EP, the song bursts into a breakdown with dissonance, screaming, and crushing guitar riffs.

Vagrant Son’s previous single releases “The Heretic” and “Made For This” were well-received and their highly-anticipated EP “Bleed Me” will be available July 26th on all streaming platforms.


Javier Amador- Guitar/Vocals

Gerry Lyn - Guitar

Scotty Rutan - Drums

Peter Koromvokis - Bass

“Bleed Me” - EP Cover

Track List

  1. Every Now & Then - (4:22)
  2. Poison - (3:43)
  3. Catastrophe (The Frenzy Blues) - (3:39)
  4. Stay - (3:33)
  5. Tiny Imperfections - (3:59)
  6. Bleed Me - (2:54)

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