2023 Unsigned Band Fan Awards (Winners)

2023 Unsigned Band Fan Awards (Winners)
Unsigned Band Awards -Cover

As we go into 2024 we wanted to reflect on our 2023 winners of the Unsigned Metal Band Awards! This year we had 3 categories: Unsigned Band of the Year, Best Breakdown, and Best Chorus. We had the fans vote to see which bands came out on top, here’s the results!

Unsigned Band of the Year: Sid Stratton

Florida’s very own, Sid Stratton, really brought their fans, garnering the highest vote of the awards this year! Mixing electrifying live shows with on-stage burlesque performances, Sid Stratton creates an unforgettable and distinct show. The band carries a nostalgic classic rock feel that blends in a modern taste with electronic and theatrical elements.

Sid Stratton released their 8 track album “From Ashes to Diamonds” in November and leaves us in anticipation to see what comes from the band next!

Best Breakdown of the Year: May They Rest

May They Rest, a 5-piece metalcore/deathcore act hailing from New Jersey, captures a crushing extreme metal sound. Screaming and growled vocals are joined by rapid double bass drumming and aggressive guitar riffage to form an explosively heavy atmosphere. Mixing in clean vocals, May They Rest forms a strong element of contrast between heavier and melodic sections.

Gunshow Massacre” off of their debut album displays a dark and intensely brutal breakdown that is filled with cymbal hits, drum fills, and earth-trembling chugging.

Best Chorus: Faith in Failure

Reigning from Columbus, Ohio, Faith in Failure teeters between hard rock and metal. Taking some of the best elements from both genres, Faith in Failure combines brutal guitar riffs and heavy instrumentals with incredibly catchy vocal hooks and piano compositions. With their latest single, “Hero Pt. II” Faith in Failure utilizes screaming and growling vocals alongside intense guitar chugging and lightning fast drum work. In an unexpected twist, Faith In Failure bursts into a dynamic chorus filled with high clean vocals, forming an addictively catchy chorus that is sure to be stuck in your head!

Faith in Failure blends extreme metal genres with a melodic hard rock sound that fans of metal as well as rock genres will find attractive!

Thank you to everyone who participated in this years Unsigned Metal Awards and to all the fans for voting for your favorite bands! We’d love to hear what your favorite songs from this year are! Happy New Year everyone, here’s to another great year of rock and metal music!

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