A Rising Chapter Release New EP "Forlorn Hope"

A Rising Chapter Release New EP "Forlorn Hope"
Spotify Cover: A Rising Chapter


  1. Hated Society
  2. The Chosen One
  3. System of the Damned
  4. Nightmare
  5. Everything


Hailing from Germany, A Rising Chapter released their 5-song EP “Forlorn Hope” to the world today (February 2nd). The first track, “Hated Society”, starts with lofi guitar before exploding into aggressive drop-tuned guitar, distant synths, and dynamic drumming. Crushingly heavy guitar riffage work alongside blast beats and extreme vocal screams to create an immersive and intensely brutal soundscape. “Hated Society” finishes with a violent breakdown filled with double bass drumming, chugging, and powerful growls.

Next up, “The Chosen One” gives you no time to rest, kicking in with bass drops and a breakdown that will leave any listener with stank face. A Rising Chapter does an excellent job of creating a strong sense of contrast between rapid paced metal grooves and down-tempo breakdowns in a way that keeps the song varied and entertaining. A Rising Chapter shows influences from a wide variety of metal genres such as death metal, black metal, deathcore, and down-tempo. Perfectly balancing a raw sense of explosiveness with modern production, “Forlorn Hope” is a masterfully crafted display of extreme metal.

The 3rd track, “System of The Damned” starts with a breakdown featuring booming snares, crashing cymbals, syncopated guitar chugs, and water droplet-like synth tones. Launching into impossibly fast double bass drumming and blast beat riffage, A Rising Chapter creates juxtaposition between multiple tempos while adding melodic elements through bright guitar chords and ethereal synths. A satisfyingly heavy “blegh” fills a moment of silence creating a mosh-worthy breakdown.

“Nightmare” starts with ambient and spacey synths before taking off into lightning-paced blast beats and tremolo picking creating a black metal-influenced sound. Percussive guitar chugging and emphasized vocals create a thumping and energetic sound. “Nightmare” features a melodic soundscape filled with celestial synths that creates a melodic chorus that is ripped away during the rest of the song, creating an expert change in atmospheres.

The closing song, “Everything” starts with distant pads and distorted guitar and vocals before launching into low-end heavy down-tempo with brutal bass drops backed by melodic synths. Clocking in at 4-and-a-half minutes, “Everything“ continues the EP’s aggressive sound and cements A Rising Chapter’s sound as a technical and impressive display of extreme metal. In a finale of grandiose proportions, “Everything” launches into an unhinged breakdown that closes out the earthshakingly heavy 5-track EP.

Fans of extreme metal genres like death metal, deathcore, and black metal will certainly enjoy A Rising Chapter! You can stream their full EP “A Forlorn Hope” out now via Sounds From Hell Records.

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