Song Review | "A Snake Charmer's Waltz" - Foul Blooded

Song Review | "A Snake Charmer's Waltz" - Foul Blooded

Straight from Seattle, Foul Blooded's 2020 song "A Snake Charmer's Waltz" begins with intricate guitar runs with heavy delay. High guitar notes played alongside low bass allows a sense of contrast. Dramatic and held-out guitar chords build up anticipation and transition to a much more groovy section with funky guitar, fast runs, and melodic singing. These more energetic and uplifting sections are ripped away from the listener and replaced with ominous guitar chords and a much more intense sound.

Foul Blooded uses multiple different sounds to create a high level of variation that leaves you wondering what is coming next. "A Snake Charmer's Waltz" even leads into thrash, which leads out the song on a strong and dynamic note. Fans of instrumental music, metal, and folk music will really enjoy Foul Blooded!

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