Album Review | How Could You Trust Us By Phoenix Freed

With runtime of just under an hour, this 13-song album opens with an intro track that focuses heavily on a dark and creepy ambience, setting up the mood of the album from the gates. The intro seamlessly blends into the first song of the album.

Long-time friends,  Robbie Grove (Drums) and Nick Cardone (Guitar/Vocals) formed Phoenix Freed. They create a sound that seems to blend metalcore, djent, and hardcore metal. Their Music utilizes bright harmonic instrumentals along with chugging guitar and slamming drums. The vocals are sung with varying intensity, creating more impact when the singing is more powerful. The Intricate instrumental parts really add a special flair to the songs making them that much more enjoyable to hear. The earlier songs are clean vocals but seem to get progressively heavier. By the end of the 3rd track “The End of Me” Phoenix Freed displays how they can get very heavy, through breakdowns and brutal vocals.

With a unique mix of hardcore metal, melodic elements, and lots of ambience, the atmosphere of the album creates a very distinct feeling when you listen to the album in its entirety. Phoenix Freed creates strong hooks in their songs and very full choruses. The later songs especially “Seamless Vision” and “Sirens” are both really heavy songs that use some intense vocal effects, which stand out and add to the breakdowns. The final track “Insomnia” even has a minute and a half of silence, before having a hidden piece of audio. This is a really interesting touch that I think fans will be drawn to and finishes out the album on the ambient theme that was sprinkled throughout it. I think you will really enjoy the full-length album, especially if you are a fan of metalcore, complex music, and thought-provoking lyrics! You can check out “How Could You Trust Us” by Phoenix Freed now!

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