Song Review | "Alpha" - Attracting the Fall

Song Review | "Alpha" - Attracting the Fall
Spotify Cover: Attracting the Fall

Progressive metal act hailing from North Carolina, Attracting the Fall, released their latest track "Alpha" on October 31st. The track starts with djenty complex guitar-chugging rhythms before exploding into an aggressive sound with brutal guitar riffage, dynamic drum work, and intense screams and growls. Attracting the Fall does an excellent job of mixing in ambient melodic elements to add to the background of the music and create a truly complete atmosphere. Synchronized double bass drumming and chugging in complicated timings show the technical prowess of the band.

Unexpectedly, the song abruptly slows into a clean, reverbed guitar section with gentle singing and a dark jazz-inspired acoustic sound. Distant synths work alongside a vocoder that creates a robot-like sound to build up before "Alpha" launches the listener into an intense breakdown with a soaring guitar solo layered overtop of it. Attracting the Fall then goes into a fast-paced groove section before bursting into an even slower breakdown that acts as a grandiose finale to the song. Attracting the Fall displays an excellently refined and unique sound that can cover multiple genres before throwing down in a deathcore/down-tempo fashion. "Alpha" is out on streaming platforms now!

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