Album Review | "Aspects & Echoes" - A Million Little Fires

Album Review | "Aspects & Echoes" - A Million Little Fires
Spotify Cover - A Million Little Fires


  1. We Live To Fight Again
  2. All I Want
  3. maybe I'M a MONSTER
  4. AnyThInG / EveRyThiNg
  5. Delusion
  6. self : aware
  7. I can't SAVE YOU


A Million Little Fires is a Los Angeles, California-based hard rock band that just released their latest album, "Aspects & Echoes" on May 10th. The first track, “We Live To Fight Again” starts with energetic electronic beats alongside dynamic guitar riffage. Gentle singing vocals mix alongside electronica elements to create a deep and masterfully crafted soundscape. A Million Little Fires bursts into a powerful chorus filled with bright synths, melodic guitar chords, and soaring vocal hooks. “We Live To Fight Again” starts off as an attractive blend of pop, hard rock, and electronica but A Million Little Fires soon displays yet another musical influence as the song launches into more aggressive, metalcore-style guitar mixed with excellent production.

“All I Want” furthers the band’s dance music sound with distant thumping 808’s, arpeggiated synths, and emphasized singing. The song soon explodes into an upbeat chorus with belting singing and pulsating electronic beats. A Million Little Fires expertly balances elements of contrast with heavy guitar being added and taken away, creating an intense form of variety. “All I Want” ends with growling dubstep-type industrial synths, displaying another genre that the California act mixes into their distinct sound.

“maybe I’M a MONSTER” starts with mellow vocals and beats that build anticipation. A Million Little Fire shows complex and thought-out song structure with choruses changing in intensity as the song goes on, creating a growing and fresh sound through the 3 and a half minute runtime of “maybe I’M a MONSTER”

The 4th song “AnyThInG / EveRyThiNg” starts with a heavy-hitting guitar riff that is contrasted by high guitar and synth melodies. Powerful sing-screaming leads into an electrifying chorus filled with crushing guitar runs and addictive vocals. A Million Little Fires fades into an ambient clean guitar bridge that gradually builds in ferocity before jumping into a layered guitar and synth solo with a space-like feel to it. In a final and explosive chorus, “AnyThInG / EveRyThiNg” ends with a bang.

“Delusion” puts the band’s dubstep/electronica influences to the forefront, with metal-style guitars filling in the background of the song’s atmosphere while celestial synths and electronic drum beats work alongside fierce singing to create a melodic sound. “Delusion” has an experimental feel to it, all while within a 3 and a half minute package that keeps the song wildly interesting.

Track 6, “self : aware” starts with melancholy guitar chords and distant synths underneath heartfelt vocals with powerful lyrics. A Million Little Fires launch into a dynamic chorus with impactful drums and heavy guitar tones that sets a new pace and energy for “self : aware”. The band delves into powerful topics like battling with your own thoughts and feelings, creating emotional and relatable lyrical content for fans. A Million Little Fires throws the listener into the midst of a breakdown with synths forming a complex and full scope of sound.

The final song of the album, “I can’t SAVE YOU” starts with a rising ethereal keyboard intro before introducing gentle instrumentals and melodic vocals. A Million Little Fires takes a different chorus style with chanting vocals balanced by bouncing synths, creating a truly catchy yet simple to remember anthemic chorus. “I can’t SAVE YOU” ends the album on a gentle but equally powerful note, acting as an excellent finish to the 7 track studio album.

Overall “Aspects & Echoes” is an incredible display of A Million Little Fires distinct mix of dubstep, hard rock, pop, and metal. The band’s variety of influences creates an attractive and fresh style of music that fans of the before-mentioned genres are sure to enjoy. You can stream “Aspects & Echoes” out everywhere now!

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