Song Review | "Traveler" - Avian Theory

Song Review | "Traveler"  - Avian Theory
Spotify Cover: Avian Theory

Avian Theory released their debut single, "Traveler" on October 6th. The song comes out of the gates with an aggressive djent-filled sound. Screaming adds brutality over the instrumentally complex riffage and melodic guitar tones. Suddenly, the song shifts into a catchy chorus with clean vocals and screaming layered in the background to create a pleasant sense of contrast. Avian Theory does an excellent job of creating a powerful juxtaposition between the bright, melody-filled choruses and the intensely heavy verses.

Bridging the second and 3rd choruses is a 30-second guitar solo that is filled with rapid notes and soaring riffs that display the high technical skill that Avian Theory possesses. In an epic finale, a dark guitar tone is introduced and plays high melodies overtop of some of the most brutal vocals of the entire track, ending on an intensely heavy note that is overflowing with double bass drumming, chugs, and an overall full sound. "Traveler" is an incredible debut track and shows off a refined sound that leaves listeners excited to see what comes next from Avian Theory. Fans of djent, death metal, and technical metal genres will highly enjoy Avian Theory. You can stream "Traveler" everywhere now!

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