Song Review | "A Thousand Miles" - Blood Bath And Beyond

Song Review | "A Thousand Miles" - Blood Bath And Beyond
Spotify Cover: Blood Bath And Beyond

Blood Bath and Beyond released their metal cover of Vanessa Carlton's pop hit, "A Thousand Miles". The track starts with piano similar to the original before launching into bright electric guitar and energetic drum work. Double bass drumming and chugging add percussive contrast while the majority of the song stays melodic. Blood Bath And Beyond suddenly bursts into screams and growls, increasing the metal elements, creating a unique and fresh version of an iconic song.

Blood Bath and Beyond released "A Thousand Miles" on December 1st, alongside their fun music video that features the band playing in a garage as well as playing in the back of a moving pickup truck. The band does an excellent job of introducing metal's aggressive tones into the song while maintaining Vanessa Carlton's catchy melodies to form an excellent cover that gives a new look on the song. Fans of metalcore, metal covers, and pop will definitely enjoy, Blood Bath and Beyond's latest track!

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