Song Review | “Bathory” - Goat Hill Massacre

Song Review | “Bathory” - Goat Hill Massacre

Denver metal band, Goat Hill Massacre released their album, “There Will Be Blood” in May of 2023. The 9th track of the LP, “Bathory”, starts with rapid alternating guitar picking. Highly distorted guitar melodies lay down the backbone of the sound as energetic drum work joins alongside the guitar. In a volatile fashion, powerful screaming/growling vocals launch into the mix, forming a strong atmosphere. Syncopated chugging and cymbal hits are joined by lead guitar riffage that fills in the high end of the sound.

Brutal pinch harmonics and dissonance work in juxtaposition to the low-end instrumental and vocal sound that is featured in much of the song, creating a strong sense of contrast. In a style that seems to mix guitar styles of black metal and vocal elements from death metal, Goat Hill Massacre creates an intensely heavy track with “Bathory” You can stream their latest music out now!

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