Best Breakdowns You Haven't Heard Before, Pt. 1 | Unsigned Bands

Best Breakdowns You Haven't Heard Before, Pt. 1 | Unsigned Bands
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If you are metal fanatics like us who have heard many of the best mainstream breakdowns and are looking to get your fix of downtempo music, you've come to the right place! Here is a few of our favorite breakdowns from unsigned metal bands with lots of potential!

YouTube: Bind the Sacrifice

Bind the Sacrifice - Deathwrought

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 3:50

Bind the Sacrifice has created a really unique song with, "Deathwrought". This is the only deathcore song that we've heard that has a banjo intro, the contrast between the banjo and when the deathcore kicks in is humorous but works so well. Throughout "Deathwrought" banjo, piano, and strings work together to form a strong melodic influence that is torn away and replaced by guitar dissonance, chugging, and extreme vocal styles. The song has multiple breakdowns filled with these elements which go to accentuate the intensity of these moments. Overall "Deathwrought" is a great song that takes a fresh spin on deathcore.

YouTube: Bury The Remains

Bury The Remains - Dying Light

Genre: Metalcore / Djent

Time Stamp: 4:35

Bury The Remains has incredible production and definitely is very underrated. "Dying Light" starts with a reverb-heavy clean guitar intro, that leads into technical and djent style guitar runs and screaming. The song has a very catchy and strong singing chorus that creates tension as you wait for the song to go heavy again. After the first chorus is a brutal bass drop that goes into straight death metal, but today's featured breakdown occurs after the second chorus. The breakdown features descending chug progressions, screeching guitars, and breaks for the drums. This is a dramatic and fitting end to the song, fading out with a powerful scream.

YouTube: Ocean of Illusions

Ocean of Illusions ft. Misstiq - Gaia Weeps

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 1:38

Ocean of Illusions track "Gaia Weeps" features keyboardist/producer Misstiq and has lots of electronic ambience, complex piano work, and droning synths. All of these elements blend exquisitely with the wild and ominous deathcore sound that Ocean of Illusions produces. The unexpected breakdown only 1:40 seconds into the song explodes into existence with bass-boosted chugging and has keys layered underneath it, adding to the atmosphere of the breakdown. With long, bending guitar notes, Ocean of Illusions creates an eerie feeling in their slow tempo that is sure to keep your head banging.

YouTube: Two Sides of Me

Two Sides of Me - Chemicals

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 1:38

"Chemicals" is a banger from start to finish and uses lots of electronic elements, adding variation to the song. The main riff is incredibly heavy-hitting and features rapid palm-muted guitar strikes. With screaming/growled vocals the high-energy instrumentals are matched by the dynamic vocals. The song has an early, unexpected breakdown that is well-executed and very heavy. Two Sides of Me includes a powerful chorus that is memorable and catchy despite the aggressive vocals and lack of melody. After the second chorus "Chemicals" goes into a long bridge that really builds up anticipation before blasting into a breakdown that finishes out the song.

YouTube: Null Existence

Null Existence - Ulcerated Hymns

Genre: Technical Deathcore

Time Stamp: 1:43

Null Existence's latest single is a violent song that uses rapid double bass drum beats, chugging, and extreme vocals that fans of bands like Infant Annihilator will love. The breakdown kicks in early in the song and it certainly does not disappoint. Dark guitar chords lead into the breakdown that is filled with ferocious gutturals, fry screams, and intermittent technical guitar runs. The whole song keeps an evil and ominous feeling to it, adding to the overall experience of the breakdown. Fans of extreme and technical metal will really enjoy Null Existence.

What did you think of the breakdowns? Let us know what you want to be on the next list!

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