Song Review | "Between The Lies" - New Haven

Song Review | "Between The Lies" - New Haven
Spotify Cover: New Haven

New Haven, a hard rock/metal band from Ohio, released their most recent song "Between The Lies" in March. The song explodes directly into a dynamic guitar riff and fast-paced drum work. New Haven balances between singing vocals and brutal screams/growls. The band's metalcore-influenced sound draws inspiration from bands like A Day To Remember and Breaking Benjamin and strikes a duality between an energetic rock style and an intense heavy metal sound.

The 3-and-a-half-minute track features a catchy chorus with a singing vocal hook backed up by rapid guitar riffage. The song showcases a technical guitar solo and multiple breakdowns with the most notable one being at the end of the song. After a final chorus, New Haven throws the listener into a 30-second, destructive breakdown to fade out the song. Fans of metalcore and deathcore will enjoy "Between The Lies"! You can stream their music now!

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