Album Review | "The Rotten Galaxy" - Bleakness Of Eris

Album Review | "The Rotten Galaxy" - Bleakness Of Eris
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  1. O:...And Its Name Shall Be Z
  2. I: Searing Enigma
  3. II: Child Of Destiny
  4. III: Sulphuric Seed
  5. IV: The Rotten Galaxy I: Noisnemid Orez
  6. V: The Rotten Galaxy II: Yxalag Nettor Eht
  7. VI: The Rotten Galaxy III: Abyss
  8. Invisible Sun


Hailing from Uppsala, Swedish Solo death metal project Bleakness Of Eris released their 8-song album "The Rotten Galaxy" via Face Ripper Records on April 24th. The introductory track "...And Its Name Shall Be Z" starts with ominous thunder crashes and jingling shackles, deeply distorted speaking vocals create a demonic and dark sound that instantly displays the album's sinister atmosphere.

"Searing Enigma" comes straight out of the gates with a brutally heavy sound that seems to mix death metal, black metal, and extreme metal genres like grindcore. Clashing cymbals, soul-crushing guitar riffage, rapid double bass drumming, and growls and guttural galore, create a distinctly aggressive sound. Clocking in at 1:28, "Searing Enigma" is a short yet explosive display of intensely heavy metal.

"Child of Destiny" starts with impactful drums and impossibly fast thrashing drums, screams, and distorted guitar leads. Dramatic drop-tuned chords and eruptions of sound further the harsh sound that Bleakness Of Eris creates. With a raw atmosphere and popping snare tone, the entire album has a crude mix/master that carries the brutality of sound well, appealing more to fans of black metal and grindcore-adjacent genres.

"Sulphuric Seed" begins with a sample of a demonic voice similar to the intro track. Bleakness Of Eris launches into earth-shatteringly heavy guitar riffs, racing blast beats, and explosions of sound. "Sulphuric Seed" utilizes contrasts in tempo, stopping at points to lead into another sample before blasting off into another lightning-paced groove.

"The Rotten Galaxy I: Noisnemid Orez" changes up the pacing of the album with building space-themed synths, distant percussion, and cosmic ambiance. Acting as a short interlude that builds anticipation and further showcases the dark aesthetic of "The Rotten Galaxy", Bleakness Of Eric does an excellent job of creating intricate soundscapes that instill emotional responses in the listener.

"The Rotten Galaxy II: Yxalag Nettor Eht" jumps straight into action with speeding drum beats and rapid guitar chugging. Dramatic tempo changes create brutal breakdowns and thrash sections that will leave any extreme metal fan banging their head. Distant choir effects add an element of melody to the song's destructive sound, adding a great balance of contrast.

"The Rotten Galaxy III: Abyss" introduces itself with a standalone drum beat before fierce guitar leads join alongside the mix. The electronic choir effect is brought back, maintaining a consistent melodic baseline behind Bleakniss of Eris's devastatingly heavy atmospheres. "The Rotten Galaxy III: Abyss" takes a slower tempo at first, feeling like a rhythmic, grooving breakdown. The song fades into a sample that builds suspense bringing back the demonic voices from earlier in the album. Ambient wind creates an atmospheric soundscape that slowly fades out the song, giving a drawn-out nearly 2-minute gradual slip into silence, obviously connecting the song's abyss theme.

The final song of the album, "Invisible Sun" starts with a melodic yet menacing choir and a diabolical voice that counts into the song. Choir melodies drone in the distance while absolute instrumental and vocal destruction lay down an unrelenting assault. Bleakness Of Eric, leaves emphasized silences between cymbal hits, creating dramatic breakdowns that add contrast in juxtaposition to faster sections. The longest song of the album with a runtime of just under 5 minutes, "Invisible Sun" is an intense showcase of extreme metal, with down-tempo riffs, guttural, and powerful screams, creating a raw and severe sound.

Overall, "The Rotten Galaxy" is an excellent showcase of brutal death metal that fans of genres like grindcore, black metal, and more will enjoy! Bleakness Of Eris creates powerfully dark aesthetics, themes, and atmospheres throughout their 8-song release that serves as a raw display of their sound. You can stream "The Rotten Galaxy" out everywhere now!

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