Song Review | "Body Song" - Bootleggers and Baptists

Song Review | "Body Song" - Bootleggers and Baptists
Spotify Cover: Bootleggers and Baptists

Baltimore, Maryland rock band, Bootleggers and Baptists released their latest single, "Body Song" in July. The band shows classic rock and blues influences that they mix masterfully with a modern style of rock 'n' roll. The nearly 5-minute song starts with a funky bass line and introduces some groovy drumlines and guitar work. The vocals kick in adding even more melody to the track. The spoken/sung vocal technique that is used reminds us of bands like The White Stripes yet in a fresh way. The song's chorus is powerful and filled with dynamic guitar chords that complement the sound excellently.

"Body Song" leads into a soaring guitar solo that slows down into tremolo guitar picking, maracas, wah-wah guitar riffs and even adds in a flute, showing a diverse influence of genres and sounds that create a unique and symphonic atmosphere. The song leads into a final chorus that fades out the track after 4 and a half minutes of impressive instrumentals and a groove-heavy vibe. Fans of rock bands like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The White Stripes and more will highly enjoy Bootleggers and Baptists! You can stream their latest music now!

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