Bombyx Mori Releases Debut Album "Chaotic Resonance"

Bombyx Mori Releases Debut Album "Chaotic Resonance"
Album Cover - Chaotic Resonace


  1. Freeze the Frame
  2. Leaves in the Wind
  3. Moral Control
  4. The Promise
  5. Liquid Dreams
  6. Follow the Line
  7. Downward Spiral
  8. Through the Lens
  9. Liars
  10. Clockwork Man
  11. Choose Your Weapon


Bombyx Mori - named after the scientific term for the Silkworm - is a solo metal act headed by songwriter Stefano. Bombyx Mori collaborated with artists from across the globe to form a wide range of influences and creativity which was used to create the project's debut 11-track album "Chaotic Resonance".

The introductory song, "Freeze the Frame" blasts off with racing basslines with a technical prog-metal feel. Impactful drums and bright guitar fill in the instrumental atmosphere until mixed sing/screaming vocals join the mix. In an unexpected transition, Bombyx Mori launches into death metal growls before transitioning back into complex bass lines. "Freeze the Frame" creates an interesting blend of progressive genres like math-rock, with the dynamics of a metalcore song that utilizes contrast between singing, screaming, and growling vocals. The song fades out with a chunky, djent-styled breakdown.

"Leaves in the Wind" starts with Tool-esque bass tones with dramatic brass and jazz drum styles creating a progressive soundscape while heavy-hitting guitar and screams are introduced and taken away. Bombyx Mori uses elements of contrast throughout their music excellently, mixing different genres, instruments, and vocal techniques to create a sense of deep variation. Melodic choruses with soaring vocals have explosive guitar chugging layered in the background, creating complex soundscapes.

The 3rd track "Moral Control" begins with a classic heavy metal inspired riff that jumps into alternated singing and growls. Bombyx Mori has an energetic pacing and the band's mix of musical influences keeps the album wildly interesting and unique. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes, "Moral Control" takes the listener on a brutally heavy yet catchy journey. Masterfully blending melody and destruction, Bombyx Mori continues the album's variety of sounds while vocals and technical instrumentals keeping elements in common.

"The Promise" jumps straight into thumping base lines and pick-scraping guitar before heavy-hitting djent guitar riffs and off-timing instrumentals create an intensely progressive sound that reminds of bands like Meshuggah. After a gradual build-up "The Promise" explodes into violent growls, ominous guitar melodies, and racing drum work. In a drastic shift of momentum Bombyx Mori switches into a jazz section with gentle drums and a saxophone solo. "The Promise" throws the listener directly into a violent breakdown, the contrast creating a moment of comedy in an ear-appeasing musical package.

"Liquid Dreams" starts off with clean guitar and a jazz/blues feel with complex instrumental scales and chord progressions that transitions into screams and crushingly heavy guitar. Bombyx Mori creates an interesting change of dynamics between clean singing, and acoustic instrumentals - and ferociously heavy metal sections. Mixing heavy metal elements with less extreme genres creates a powerful form of variety that keeps the listener interested throughout complex song structures.

The 6th song, "Follow the Line" comes straight out of the gate with guitar-driven riffage and harsh vocals. With instrumentals fading in and out, Bombyx Mori creates a distinct array of effects that keep the listener unsuspecting and surprised. Altering tempos and swapping genres seamlessly, "Follow The Line" creates exciting changes that stay incredibly interesting throughout the song's duration.

"Downward Spiral" starts with descending instrumental progressions that create a psychedelic and more experimental feel before launching into thrashing heavy metal. In a dark yet energetic chorus, Bombyx Mori switches things up, creating more contrast. Adding another brand new element into the album, "Downward Spiral" shifts into old-school rap and a hip-hop beat. Keeping a fresh sound that is ever-changing, Bombyx Mori continues to shock.

"Through the Lens" brings back the album's earlier jazz influences while a distant theremin creates a unique shaking effect in the background. The song quickly vaults into speeding riffage, drums, and volatile vocals. In a sudden shift of energy, Bombyx Mori sways into incredibly fast, technical bass runs, forming a distinct math-rock style. Vocals build over the song's progressive bass lines until screaming reunites "Through the Lens" into a more traditional metal sound.

"Liars" starts with climbing guitar riffage and high bending instrumental melodies. Brutal vocals work alongside lightning paced leads and drumming, creating an energetic and exciting sound. Distant instrumentals create a sound that reminds us of an old-western movie while Bombyx Mori continues their onslaught of thrashing metal.

"Clockwork Man" starts with fierce guitar chugs and scream-singing, establishing an intense sound, right off the bat. Percussive guitar strikes and booming bass, create a rhythmic and heavy-hitting sound. Dissonant guitar leads into ambient, clean bass and guitar alongside whispered vocals, forming a gentle yet sinister atmosphere. After a powerful chorus, "Clockwork Man" jumps into a thrilling solo that layers over an intense breakdown.

In conclusion to the album, "Choose Your Weapon" starts off with djent-styled thumping bass and high-pitched guitar leads. Underlying orchestral strings lay down a base of melody underneath sing-screaming and powerful guitar. With the longest runtime of the album, "Choose Your Weapon" is 7 and a half minutes and takes the listener on a finale of epic proportions. Gentle instrumental sections bridge intense metal compositions, creating a high level of variety and change throughout the song's duration. Tying the album's themes together, "Choose Your Weapon" is an excellent finish to the album, ending with wicked growls and crushing instrumentals.

Bombyx Mori creates an impressive debut album with "Chaotic Resonance". The 11 track album spans a diverse range of genres and showcases an exciting a fresh sound. Fans of metal, hard rock, and progressive genres will certainly enjoy Bombyx Mori's signature sound. You can stream "Chaotic Resonance" out on all streaming platforms now!

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