Top Breakdowns Pt. 5 + Playlist Link

Top Breakdowns Pt. 5 + Playlist Link

We are back with Part 5 of some of the heaviest breakdowns known to man! If you missed our other articles check out the full list here. Let's get into it!

YouTube: Wage War

Wage War - Hollow

Genre: Metalcore

Time Stamp: 0:29

Wage War are huge in the Metalcore genre and chances are if you listen to Metalcore you are aware of them. Off of their 2015 debut album "Blueprints" Wage War has a 1-minute delight of a track where essentially the entire song is a breakdown. "Hollow" is filled with ambient noise, screaming, one-liners, guitar dissonance, chugging, double bass drumming, and more! The short track packs in as much heaviness as possible.

YouTube: Left to Suffer

Left to Suffer - Loathe

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 2:10

"Loathe" is an already intense song but eventually the breakdown kicks in with a massive "OH" that is guaranteed to make you headbang. Left to Suffer transitions into a choppy breakdown with guitar sweeps, chugging, and distortion that cuts in and out before going into an ambient section, growing listener's excitement, before launching into an even heavier breakdown featuring the vocalist from Brojob.

YouTube: END

END - Necessary Death

Genre: Hardcore

Time Stamp: 1:38

"Necessary Death" has one of the most memorable buildups with about 30 seconds of ambient guitar feedback and distortion that grows and changes tones, creating a strong anxiety-inducing mood that suddenly explodes into a brutal breakdown full of screaming and powerful guitar chugging. END creates a fierce breakdown that is instantly recognizable due to distinct guitar tones.

YouTube: Bring Me The Horizon

Bring Me The Horizon - Tell Slater Not To Wash His D***k

Genre: Metalcore

Time Stamp: 1:45

If you listen to current Bring Me The Horizon's latest pop/electronic metalcore music you might not even believe this is the same band but BMTH's first album "Count Your Blessings" (2006) was actually made up of all deathcore songs. "Tell Slater Not To Wash His D***k" is a song that instills a feeling of nostalgia for the classic deathcore sound, similar to when you listen to older Suicide Silence. The track features multiple breakdowns but the most notable one is 1:45 into the track and kicks in with an iconic "MOVE" one-liner. Oli Skyes' raw vocal sound and the band's intense instrumental style create an incredible breakdown.

YouTube: To The Grave

To The Grave - Cut off the Head

Genre: Hardcore/Deathcore

Time Stamp: 3:05

To The Grave has been creating brutal deathcore for a few years now and "Cut off the Head" off of the band's 2023 album "Director's Cuts" is no different. The song begins with bass-boosted guitar chugs that create an immensely heavy sound. To The Grave master the blackened symphonic deathcore sound using choir effects and melodies in the background to create a sense of harmony layered underneath the low-tuned brutality of the instrumentals and extreme vocals. At the end of the song, the vocalist screams the one-liner "Look what the rat dragged in" and the powerful chugging returns along with screeching guitars, gutturals, and fry screaming.

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