Chemical Valley Mutants To Release Debut Album "Poisoned"

Chemical Valley Mutants To Release Debut Album "Poisoned"
Chemical Valley Mutants - Poisoned

Hardcore Punk band Chemical Valley Mutants will be releasing their debut album "Poisoned" soon, stay tuned to their band pages for the exact release date! We had the pleasure of taking a look at 3 of the songs off of the upcoming album, "Failed to Mention", "Didn't Feel A Thing", and "Port Huron Whore".

"Failed to Mention" starts off with distorted guitar riffage and crashing drum beats. Suddenly, an explosive scream bursts into the mix. Chemical Valley Mutants display an energetic yet raw and intense sound that blends genres such as hardcore, death metal, and punk. Brutal screams and growling vocals are layered over top of bright guitar chords that mix melody and a heavy vocal style. The band fades out with guitar screeching and dissonance along with thumping bass leads.

Next is "Didn't Feel A Thing" which starts with a more melody-based punk guitar tone and harmonic chords that back up the raspy yet powerful vocal style. Chemical Valley utilizes gore-filled, offputting lyrical content that shows influences from extreme metal genres such as Death Metal. The song's chanting chorus has an intense sound that is contrasted by more melody-based soloing and chords during the verses and bridge. Clocking in at just under 2 and a half minutes, "Didn't Feel A Thing" tells a concise story.

The final track we listened to, "Port Huron Whore" starts with a groovy bassline that soon leads into screeching guitar and rapid guitar runs. Volatile screams join in unison with dynamic drum work and catchy guitar chords. Chemical Valley Mutants does an excellent job of creating and continuing to keep an energy-filled song that is bursting with rebellious vigor.

Overall Chemical Valley Mutants creates an impressive display with their debut album, "Poisoned" and fans of hardcore punk, death metal, and extreme metal will be sure to enjoy the raw and brutal sound that the band creates! Stay tuned for the official release date and go check out Chemical Valley Mutants!

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