Split EP | "Circumambulations" - By Girsu / Serpent Blight

Split EP | "Circumambulations" - By Girsu / Serpent Blight
Split EP Cover: Girsu / Serpentblight

Track List

  1. Consumed By the King of Purgatorial Scord (Girsu)
  2. Cervine Phalangeal Emanations (Serpent Blight)
  3. From an Ocean of Eyes (Girsu)
  4. btLo (Serpent Blight)


Black metal band Girsu has collaborated with Serpent Blight on their split EP "Circumambulations" out today (August 11th)! The 4-track EP features tracks 1 and 3 by Girsu and 2 and 4 written by Serpent Blight. The first song, "Consumed By the King of Purgatorial Scord" is a nearly 8-minute journey that takes the listener into a soundscape of slamming black metal with lightning-paced instrumental tremolos, rapid drums and blast beats, and raw vocal screams. The track has high guitar riffs adding melody behind the intensity of the rest of the music.

Track 2, "Cervine Phalangeal Emanations" this time from Serpent Blight, is a 2-and-a-half-minute song that creates an ambient atmosphere that is filled with screeching and industrial sounds that make a very unsettling mood. The song acts as an excellent, yet eerie, transition into the next song of the EP.

Next up is the 2nd and final track from Girsu, "From an Ocean of Eyes". Girsu makes it count with a 10-minute track that appeals to any fan of black metal. Dread-inducing guitar riffage and haunting, ambient screams work together to create an incredibly ominous sound that Girsu thrives in. "From an Ocean of Eyes" does an impressive job of creating a mix of brutally heavy vocals and instrumentals along with high melodies and runs that fill in the background.

The 4th and final track of the album, "btLo" by Serpent Blight is an 8-minute industrial ambient track that ends the album with a disturbing finale. The song is filled with growing screeches, dissonance, and more. Serpent Blight's atmospheric soundscapes blend well with Girsu's black metal sound with both achieving an equally dark sound. Fans of Black Metal and ambient music will highly enjoy Girsu/Serpent Blight's latest EP "Circumambulations"! You can stream it on their Bandcamp now!

Listen Here:           Bandcamp

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