Song Review | "Cloudspeaker" - Vimaara

Song Review | "Cloudspeaker" - Vimaara
Spotify Cover: Vimaara

Vimaara, a solo project from Toulouse, France released their single "Cloudspeaker in August. Clocking in at 4 and a half minutes, Vimaara starts the song off with a dramatic piano build-up with orchestral strings and ambience of epic proportions. In a drastic shift, "Cloudspeaker" explodes into insanely fast blast beats and galloping guitar chugging. Alternated blast beats and held-out guitar chords create a strong sense of contrast and variety throughout the song's structure. Extreme vocals are introduced over the instrumentals, utilizing growling and screaming techniques to add another layer of brutality to the intensely heavy song.

Mixing genres such as black metal, death metal, and even thrash elements, Vimaara creates a diverse sound that blends influences in an attractive amalgamation of metal. "Cloudspeaker" transitions into a soaring guitar solo that gradually fades out the song. Vimaara does an excellent job of creating a brutal heavy metal track with dramatic string arrangements and orchestral build-ups. Fans of death metal and black metal will hugely enjoy Vimaara's music! You can check out the latest music now!

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