Song Review | "Contender" - The Phoenix Within

Song Review | "Contender" - The Phoenix Within
Spotify Cover: The Phoenix Within

Rock band from Queens, NY The Phoenix Within released their latest song "Contender" on July 17th. The group is fronted by singer-songwriter Omar Feliciano and is backed by bassist Nicholas Narlis, guitarist John Narlis, and drummer Steven Khan. The 4-minute track starts with melodic strings and prominent bass lines that lead into guitar chugging and gentle singing. The song's chorus has a huge vocal hook with multiple layers of singing that create excellent vocal harmonies.

After the 2nd chorus, The Phoneix Within transitions to a bridge with guitar dissonance, heavier instrumentals, and screaming. "Contender" surprises listeners with a breakdown and some heavy-hitting instrumental riffage before an epic guitar solo that changes back into a final chorus. Overall "Contender" is a song that is mainly modern rock but adds in heavy metal as the song progresses. Fans of most rock and metal genres will love The Phoenix Within's unique crossover!

Upcoming Performances

August 4 - Shakers Pub, Long Island, NY
August 5 - Arlene’s Grocery, NYC, NY  
September 2 - HMAC, Harrisburg, PA  
September 5 - Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ  
September 15 - ECMC, Scranton, PA  
September 16 - Summit Festival, OH

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