Song Review | "Creatures" - Immunity

Song Review | "Creatures" - Immunity
Spotify: Immunity

Immunity is a metalcore band based out of Germany. "Creatures" starts with distorted guitar and drums that transition between hip-hop beats and fully-fledged heavy metal drums. Immunity features screaming and singing vocals that show a diverse range of vocals. The song goes into clean guitar pre-chorus that leads into a huge chorus with powerful chords and a strong hook with clean singing.

Immunity blends elements of metal through screaming and heavy instrumentals with lighter rock and hip-hop through singing, clean guitar, trap beats, and electronic elements. "Creatures" is a well-structured song that shows a blend of multiple genres and really displays the various types of sounds that Immunity is able to produce. Immunity knows how to make their music heavy and certainly does at points but keeps this song melodic and powerful. Fans of rock and metalcore will love Immunity!

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