Song Review | "Damaged" - Worthy of the Crown

Song Review | "Damaged" - Worthy of the Crown
Spotify Cover: Worthy of the Crown

Hailing from Florida, Worthy of the Crown brings a distinct mixture of deathcore, metalcore, and progressive metal/djent in their track "Damaged". The song starts with a moody, lingering clean guitar that bursts into bass-heavy chugging, technical guitar riffage, and screaming while keeping the clean guitar underneath to create a full atmosphere. "Damaged" explodes into thrash-style riffs and rapid tempo instrumentals that make the transitions back to the down-tempo chugs seem so much heavier.

At just under 4 minutes of runtime, "Damaged" packs in emotional clean guitar, breakdowns, thrash, and even guitar solos. Worthy of the Crown uses excellent production to add melody behind fierce instrumentals and vocals and to create a song that builds up and keeps a fresh sound. Keeping a dynamic and energetic pace, "Damaged" keeps the listener hooked throughout the entirety of the song. Fans of progressive metal and deathcore/metalcore will love Worthy of the Crown! You can stream their latest EP "Inertia" out now!

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