Song Review - "Dark Skies" - Wrath of the Fallen

Song Review - "Dark Skies" - Wrath of the Fallen
Youtube - Wrath of the Fallen

Metal act Wrath of the Fallen released their latest single, "Dark Skies" and its accompanying music video on May 19th. The song starts off with impactful drums before launching into heavy-hitting riffage. Powerful growling and screaming vocals work alongside classic metal leads and dynamic drumming to create a brutal yet grooving sound. Wrath of the Fallen expertly blends melodic elements with heavy metal elements, contrasting clean vocals with screams in a catchy chorus. "Dark Skies" takes inspiration from classic metal acts while utilizing current production and a modern metalcore sound.

In a change of dynamics, "Dark Skies" transitions into a bridge with clean guitar tones, calmer drumming, and bright singing vocals before slowly fading out the track. Wrath of the Fallen debut a visually captivating music video to accompany the release with Shane Temple playing the demon throughout the video. The band shows deeply thought out concepts with the demon conveying darkness that follows you but when you help each other you can escape to find the light - as conveyed by the demon and band members escaping outside in the finale of the video. Wrath of the Fallen even sneaks in some funny Easter eggs with a Scooby Doo wheelchair scene that shows a sense of personality from the band. You can stream "Dark Skies" out everywhere now!

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