Song Review | "Who am I" - Darker Than Fiction

Song Review | "Who am I" - Darker Than Fiction

Hailing from Illinois, Darker Than Fiction released their 2nd studio album "Pharos" in August of 2023. "Who am I" is the 4th song on the LP and starts with aggressive guitar chugging, and powerful screams. Darker Than Fiction creates a strong chorus with soaring vocals and bright guitar chords that create a strong contrast between the song's singing and screaming sections. Blending influences from genres like metalcore, nu-metal, deathcore, and more, Darker Than Fiction creates a distinct sound that utilizes electronic elements alongside a crushingly heavy metal atmosphere.

Clocking in at just under 6 minutes, "Who am I" features catchy vocal hooks, rapping vocals, screaming, trap beats, and an explosive breakdown that keeps the sound varied and interesting. Darker Than Fiction introduces clean guitar alongside singing that creates a melodic outro. With bright guitar leads, reverbed instrumentals, and symphonic chords, "Who am I" gradually fades out into silence. You can stream Darker Than Fiction's full album, "Pharos" now!

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