Album Review | "Rain" - deadwater

Album Review | "Rain" - deadwater


  1. Love Me Hate Me
  2. House by the River
  3. Time is Running Out
  4. Who I Am
  5. Steve
  6. Rain
  7. Wander
  8. Thru the Nite
  9. Fading
  10. Lonely Man
  11. Not What I Need
  12. Perched
  13. Shattered
  14. Haunt You
  15. Verdigris
  16. Pilots for the Airplanes
  17. August


Virginia-born solo project, deadwater will be releasing their new album "Rain" on December 21st. The 17-track album starts with "Love Me Hate Me" a 3-minute track, starts with dynamic 90s grunge guitar chord progressions and descending vocal melodies with a melancholy tone. With a sound that reminds us of what a modern Nirvana might sound like, deadwater utilizes soaring guitar leads, a catchy chorus, distant choirs, and orchestral elements to create a unique and fresh-sounding track.

"House by the River" starts off with acoustic guitar strumming and emphasized singing. With an explosive drum roll, deadwater launches into fuzzy electric guitar and ambient guitar melodies for an anthemic and powerful chorus. "House by the River" does an excellent job of creating a strong sense of contrast between the clean verses and electrified choruses.

3rd off the album, "Time is Running Out" starts with catchy guitar before transitioning into passionate singing with distant vocal tracks adding to the song's deep soundscape. At just under 3 minutes, "Time is Running Out" is a compact yet addictingly catchy song that's electrifying vocal hooks are sure to be running through your head after a few listens. Taking the form of a softer rock track, "Time is Running Out" is one of our favorites so far.

"Who I Am" starts with sad and reflective lyrics that set a somber tone from the beginning of the song. Powerful guitar melodies and ambient instrumentals do an excellent job of creating a gloomy and chilling atmosphere that carries the tone of the song very well. The short track ends with a captivating string section and a guitar solo that fades out gradually.

"Steve" starts with upbeat guitar, bringing back the 90s grunge feel of earlier songs on the album. Thumping bass and drum grooves work alongside eccentric lyrics and spoken/singing vocals to create a melodic and powerful track. With lyrics that tell a story, deadwater fades out the song with screams of "Steve" layered with a hazy and distant guitar solo creating a potent atmosphere.

The title track, "Rain" starts with a circling phaser guitar build-up that eventually leads into gentle vocals that are soon ripped away and replaced with acoustic guitar leads. Acoustic and electric guitars work together alongside misty sound effects in the background to create an ambient soundscape with energetic singing and screaming over top of it.

The 7th track, "Wander" starts with multiple vocal tracks by themselves before launching into a heavy-hitting guitar build-up. With a dark and heavier sound than the rest of the album, "Wander" delves into the band's metal roots, securing a unique and fresh sound that varies from the rest of the album.

"Thru the Nite" starts with Hendrix-esque guitar leads before leading into acoustic guitar strumming and raspy singing vocals. Taking the form of a storytelling folk-rock song, deadwater creates a gentle yet meaningful sound with "Thru the Nite".

"Fading" starts with fuzzy guitar melodies, sludgy guitar chugs, and thumping bass notes. With a more retro yet still slick and modern feel to it, "Fading" keeps a more raw and atmospheric sound to it. Running just under 3 minutes, deadwater keeps this track short yet still very enjoyable to listen to.

Track 10, "Lonely Man" starts with distorted acoustic guitar and singing that cuts through the song. With grungey chord progressions, deadwater returns to the band's 90s influences. A technical guitar solo features synth tones and melodic elements creating a full and satisfying soundscape that adds a lot to the track. Bending guitar notes, chanting, and an increasingly full sound fade out the song on a fresh note.

"Not What I Need" introduces itself with bright drumming, heavily effects-driven vocals, high guitar melodies, and acoustic guitar filling in the background. With a sound that seems to blend country/folk storytelling elements with modern rock, deadwater creates a fun mixture of genres. Keeping a consistent level of energy throughout the track, "Not What I Need" creates a distinct tone and sticks to it.

With a short electric guitar intro, "Perched" launches into fast guitar chords and distant singing. Aggressive singing kicks in with power, alongside an energetic guitar build-up before drums kick in. deadwater creates a strong yet dark atmosphere through instrumental tones and hauntingly reverbed vocals. Heavy-hitting guitar riffage backs up vocal melodies and catchy chords to finish out the song.

"Shattered" starts with a clean guitar with a sad tone. Gentle acoustic guitar creates a powerful mood that carries the melancholy vibe of the song excellently. Coming in at 2:30, "Shattered" makes a powerful statement with a clear atmosphere that is sure to instill feelings in the listener.

Track 14, "Haunt You" starts with bass-driven guitar, dynamic building drums, and static-imbued vocals that create a more aggressive tone than the previous tracks, with an angrier tone, "Haunt You" stands out with a heavier and more intense sound. Bright guitar chords and vocal melodies create a powerful and anthemic chorus.

"Verdigris" starts with synchronized guitar and bass picking, building up with ambient vocals before launching into fuzz-filled instrumental tones and distant choir sounds. deadwater creates a strong sense of contrast between sections with emphasized singing and sections that are more full with multiple guitar layers and bass filling in the low end. A solo with rapid tremolo picking and technical guitar runs splits apart choruses and creates a sense of variety.

Song 16, "Pilots for the Airplanes" starts with grungey clean guitar, deep orchestral strings, and low vocals. The song establishes a strong atmosphere quickly before exploding into electric guitar, more orchestral layers, and energetic drumwork. "Pilots for the Airplanes" does an excellent job of creating a pleasantly full soundscape filled with strings, guitar, bass, singing, and more!

Closing out the album, "August" takes the listener on a 5-minute journey. Starting with guitar strums and strong bass, the song creates anticipation with building drums, melodic choirs, and guitar leads. After a guitar solo and orchestral string section, "August" reintroduces distant choirs, and echoing guitar melodies. Fading out with a crescendo of intricate instrumentals and passionate singing, deadwater ends in an epic finale. You can find deadwater's album "Rain" out everywhere on December 21st!

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