Song Review | "Death Note" - Suicide Puppets

Song Review | "Death Note" - Suicide Puppets
Spotify: Suicide Puppets

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania band Suicide Puppets just released their latest single, "Death Note". The song starts with cinematic orchestral hits and squealing guitar notes. Suicide Puppets kick in with classic metal chugging and screaming vocals. The orchestral elements kick back in along with high guitar notes, leading into the chorus which heavily uses brass sounds to add melody to the screaming vocals and heavy instrumentals.

"Death Note" uses chanted screaming to create a full atmosphere, with samples adding a dramatic feeling to the track. The song leads into a wah pedal guitar solo before finishing out with a final chorus. "Death Note" is the most orchestral and well-produced song they've released yet and fans of melodic death metal will enjoy it.

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