Deliria Releases New Album “Phantasm”

Deliria Releases New Album “Phantasm”
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  1. Smoke and Mirrors
  2. Gemini
  3. Phantasm
  4. Attic
  5. Reckless
  6. Covenant
  7. Spellcraft
  8. Oblivion


5-piece Black Metal act, Deliria hails from San Francisco. The band just released their latest album “Phantasm” on May 3rd. The album starts off with “Smoke and Mirrors” which introduces itself with bright blues-like guitar chords, the song unexpectedly transitions into clean guitar ambience that is soon accompanied by layered explosive drop-tuned chugging. Raw screaming joins the mix adding another element of black metal to the song’s atmosphere. Racing blast beats and tremolo picking develop an intense sound while melodic and bright guitar tones work to create a sense of contrast through melody.

The next track “Gemini” starts with clean guitar layered alongside fuzzy guitar chords and thumping bass lines. With a classic rock feel, Deliria launches into powerful screams mixing melody and intensity expertly. Fans of black metal will really enjoy Deliria’s unique sound, blending instrumental styles from other genres to create a distinct and fresh new style of extreme metal. “Gemini” masterfully creates contrast between harmonic instrumentals and harsh vocals, forming a deep and complex scope of sound.

“Phantasm” starts with screeching guitar dissonance and racing blast beats, setting a more traditional and aggressive black metal style from the start. Lighting fast drum work and tremolo picking are layered with fry screams, furthering the song’s intensity. Deliria utilizes different tempos to create variety and keep their music fresh and exciting.

The halfway point of the album “Attic” begins with dramatic held out guitar chords and clean ambience before launching into a slamming drum groove, booming bass, and extreme vocals. “Attic” takes a slower pacing and creates a fierce atmosphere with more traditional death metal influences. Deleria introduces unique effects like panning instrumentals and piercing synths that add elements of distortion and variety to the track. Rhythmic screaming and double bass drumming create a groovy yet brutally heavy pacing throughout the song.

The 5th song, “Reckless” has a runtime of just over 6-minutes. The track starts off with grunge style guitar strumming before launching into crushingly heavy screaming overtop of dynamic instrumental progressions. Deliria does an excellent job of creating contrast through the balancing of melody and destruction while also changing tempo to add more variety. After a lightning-fast blast beat “Reckless” switches it up, transitioning into a soaring ambient guitar solo before fading with a clean guitar riff.

“Covenant” starts off with a gentle guitar melody that introduces bass-driven instrumentals and prominent screaming vocals. Mixing intentionally rawness with modern production, Deliria creates powerfully complex atmospheres with a many layers of instrumentals. The song fades out leaving only a thumping bass line before introducing acoustic instrumentals and progressive drum work. Lead guitar that seems to take inspiration from jazz and blues is emphasized and builds a catchy atmosphere. After an instrumental section, the vocals rejoin for the song’s finale.

“Spellcraft” comes straight out of the gate with speeding blast beats before fading into clean guitar and distant distorted guitar effects. The song explodes back into blast beats and a racing tempo, creating a powerful sense of juxtaposition between the two tempos. With a dark and ominous sound, Deliria’s black metal sound is on clear display as brutal screaming vocals work alongside crushingly heavy instrumentals.

The final song of the album “Oblivion” takes the listener on a 10 and a half minute journey as a powerful sendoff to end “Phantasm”. After a 1 minute instrumental intro, Deliria bursts into explosive screams that are backed by strong melodic instrumentals. With “Oblivion” Deliria furthers their distinct sound that blends a multitude of genres with Black Metal to create an attractive showcase of the bands unique style. In the final track of the album, Deliria creates a more experimental and progressive sound, with instrumental sections and distorted breathing in a style that reminded us of Deftones. At the 5 minute mark, “Oblivion” bursts into rapid blast beats and layered screaming, creating a demonic and earth-shatteringly heavy sound. Throughout the song, Deliria swaps back and forth between racing tempos and heavy instrumentals, and ambient experimental rock instrumentals.

Overall Deliria creates a unique and wildly interesting sound that is displayed in their newest album release “Phantasm”. The band’s distinct mix of multiple rock genres with the extremity of black metal exhibits an exciting musical style that rock and metal fans will definitely enjoy. You can stream “Phantasm” out on streaming services now!

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