EP Review | "Devil's Grin" - Voodoo Monk

EP Review | "Devil's Grin" - Voodoo Monk
Spotify Cover: Voodoo Monk

Track List

  1. Devils Grin
  2. Sun Dog


Voodoo Monk released their debut EP, "Devil's Grin" in late December of 2022. The 2-track EP starts off with "Devils Grin" the title track. The 5 minute song starts with screeching guitar and some classic grunge-styled instrumentals. With bending guitar riffage and distorted tones, Vodoo Monk sets a distinct sound to introduce the song. Blasting double bass drum sets a rapid pace and builds up huge energy shifts in the music. Raw screamed vocals compliment the grunge instrumentals and work together to form a full atmosphere. An explosive and technical guitar solo stands out along with aggressive drumming behind it.

"Sun Dog" clocks in just under 6 minutes of run time and starts with some gentle cymbal hits and distant guitar strumming. As instrumentals kick in with a sludgy and dark tone, powerful chugging and thumping bass fill in the soundscape before bursting into a lightning-paced thrashy riff with double bass drumming and speedy chugs. The fully instrumental track displays a brutal sound that mixes classic metal and rock genres with a modern taste of metal.

As the drummer and bassist's first time recording in a studio, the "Devil's Grin" EP grants a glimpse into the future of Voodoo Monk! The two tracks were engineered and produced by Derek Roddy. Fans of genres such as Sludge, Grunge, and any heavy metal genre will enjoy Voodoo Monk!

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