EP Review | "Discomfiter" - Sin Lung

EP Review | "Discomfiter" - Sin Lung
Spotify Cover: Sin Lung


  1. Shaky Paw
  2. We Are Not Done with the Frost
  3. Couch Surfer
  4. Flaky Digits


Sin Lung, released their debut 4-song EP in mid-November. The first track, "Shaky Paw" starts with distorted bass fuzz and dynamic drum work, creating a sludgy stoner sound. With vocals that remind us of '90s grunge, Sin Lung takes influence from classic tried and true genres and adds their own flavor of fuzz and sludge alongside it to create something new and interesting. Technical bass leads that take the sound of overdrive-filled bluesy riffs, accompany singing/spoken vocal styles to create a complete atmosphere.

"We Are Not Done with the Frost" takes the second place on the EP and quickly launches into bass-driven chugging and powerful vocals. High guitar melodies layer over syncopated bass strikes to create an ambient and haunting sound that adds a lot of value to the song's sound. Sin Lung interestingly uses guitar very sparingly and uses bass as the main instrument, creating a deep fuzz-ridden sound that makes when the guitar joins in much more impactful.

"Couch Surfer" starts off with drum and bass building up along with strong spoken vocals. Energetic cymbals crashing add an explosive tone to the song's crushing bassy atmosphere. Sin Lung does an excellent job of creating a dark and ambient soundscape through their use of intense bass tones and varied vocal styles. After an ominous bridge, "Couch Surfer" throws the listener into the midst of a progressively slowing breakdown, that closes out the song on a heavy note.

"Flaky Digits" starts with heavy-hitting riffage and belting vocals that fill the song with an instantaneous energetic feeling. With a sound that fans of bands like Rage Against the Machine will enjoy, Sin Lung experiments with a low and dark instrumental song with lyrically-driven vocals cutting through overtop of the music. Fans of '90s grunge, sludge and doom metal, and psychedelic/stoner rock and metal will certainly enjoy Sin Lung's debut EP, "Discomfiter".

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