Discover Tomorrow Releases Debut EP "From Ashes To Dawn"

Discover Tomorrow Releases Debut EP "From Ashes To Dawn"
Spotify Cover: Discover Tomorrow


  1. Drowning Me
  2. The Choice
  3. When I Look Down
  4. Find Me Through The Darkness
  5. Tangled Ropes
  6. Time Has Come


Reigning from Germany, alternative metal act, Discover Tomorrow, released their debut EP "From Ashes To Dawn" on May 17th. The first song, "Drowning Me" introduces you to trap beats, booming drums, dynamic guitar chords, and distant synths. Thumping bass and distorted singing vocals work alongside Discover Tomorrow's complex soundscapes to create a heavy yet melodic metal sound. Jumping up an octave, soaring vocals, and bright instrumentals create an energetic and exciting chorus. After a second chorus, "Drowning Me" launches into a brutal breakdown with growls and screams creating an intense sound, the song soon transitions into a rapid, technical guitar solo before ending in a final chorus.

"The Choice" starts off with talking, showing a vulnerable and emotional side of Discover Tomorrow's lyrics, creating a connection with listeners. Dramatic guitar chugging and singing layered alongside screams create balanced contrasts of destruction and melody. With "The Choice" Discover Tomorrow utilizes powerful vocal hooks to create addictive melodies while mixing in extreme metal influences to keep dramatic tempo and dynamics changes that keep the song incredibly varied. Released in 2023, "The Choice" is a powerful display of Discover Tomorrow's sound and one of our favorite tracks of the EP.

"When I Look Down" starts off with heavy-hitting riffage and singing with low growls filling in the background of the song's deeply intricate atmosphere. Discover Tomorrow displays a heavier and darker sound with "When I Look Down" creating descending melodies that exhibit a more bleak and brutal sound. Explosive harsh vocals create fierce metal annihilation that fans of heavier genres will certainly enjoy. Mixing clean and heavy vocals, Discover Tomorrow creates a sound with deep variety that keeps the listener wildly interested throughout the song's duration.

The 4th song "Find Me Through The Darkness" starts with mellow clean guitar leads, forming a grungey and atmospheric sound that lets catchy vocal melodies truly shine in the mix. With our favorite chorus of the EP, Discover Tomorrow creates an addictively catchy sound that will leave fans reaching for the repeat button. Blending metalcore, alternative metal, and a 90's grunge/rock sound, "Find Me Through The Darkness" is an anthemic track filled with passionate vocals and expertly written instrumentals.

"Tangled Ropes" bursts into action with bending guitar riffs, rhythmic chords, and singing that builds into an energetic chorus. High guitar tremolos and climbing vocals are backed by booming guitar chugs, creating an attractive and catchy sound. With the shortest runtime of the album at 3 and a half minutes, "Tangled Ropes" does an excellent job of building and breaking down, creating anticipation and excitement before launching into pivotal points of the song.

The final song of the EP, "Time Has Come" starts abruptly with singing and screams mixing together to create a balanced combination of rock and metal influences. Discover Tomorrow utilizes contrast masterfully throughout their music, switching between clean instrumentals with singing and crushingly heavy metal riffage with extreme vocals. After the second chorus, "Time Has Come" throws the listener into the midst of the heaviest breakdown of the EP. Filled with intense chugging, dissonance, and ferocious growls, Discover Tomorrow brings an earth-shatteringly heavy sound before transitioning into a final catchy metalcore-style chorus.

With their debut EP "From Ashes To Dawn" Discover Tomorrow displays their distinct blend of alternative metal, metalcore, and hard rock. The German-originating metal act creates a promising showcase of their fresh and exciting sound, leaving listeners ready to see what comes next for the band. You can stream "From Ashes To Dawn" out on all streaming platforms now!

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