Song Review | "Divine" - Fortunate Losers

Song Review | "Divine" - Fortunate Losers
Spotify Cover: Fortunate Losers

Fortunate Losers, based out of Sudbury, released their latest single, "Divine" today! The song starts with powerful distorted guitar and crashing drums before singing vocals kick in. Fortunate Losers do an excellent job of creating dynamic energy shifts between verses and choruses, building up tension and then bursting into strong choruses with soaring and melodic vocals.

"Divine" is full of heavy-hitting guitar riffs, high guitar leads, explosive drums, thumping bass, and fierce vocal hooks. Fortunate Losers blend the sounds of rock and classic metal with modern elements in a unique twist. With a runtime of 3:32, the song is instantly relistenable. Fans of hard rock and metal will really enjoy the track, "Divine".

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