Single Review | Dying Light By Bury The Remains

Single Review | Dying Light By Bury The Remains
"Dying Light" Bury The Remains

Bury The Remains latest single "Dying Light" is a roller coaster of a song. The track starts with a heavily reverbed guitar intro with a sad tone to it. Unexpectedly the song bursts into heavy progressive djent style instrumentals, with fast intricate guitar runs, chugging, and dissonance, along with vocals that are growled and screamed. Bury The Remains transitions to a blast beat and a much faster tempo before elegantly shifting into the chorus. A powerful atmosphere is created within the chorus through singing, arpeggiated chords, and more uplifting-sounding instrumentals. Proceeding the chorus is an insane bass drop into a brutal growl and chug-filled breakdown that you will not be able to escape without banging your head. The song leads back into the intro guitar before going into more explosive and dynamic screaming and instrumentals. After a second emotional and strong chorus, Bury The Remains goes into an intense breakdown that does a great job of finishing the song with a satisfying note. Bury The Remains is a band that fans of hardcore metal, metalcore, and Djent will enjoy and they have incredible production value that music fans will enjoy! Check them out!

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