EP Review | "Mother of Thousands" - Suicide Cages

EP Review | "Mother of Thousands" - Suicide Cages
Mother of Thousands (EP Cover)


  1. Mother of Thousands
  2. Charm Offensive
  3. A Gentle Indifference
  4. Pageant Smile


Hailing from Denver, Colorado, Suicide Cages just released their 4 song EP "Mother of Thousands". The EP starts off with the title track "Mother of Thousands" which begins explosively with heavy-hitting guitar riffs, impactful drums, and brutal screams. Suicide Cages creates a distinct sound that mixes modern production and instrumentation with a classic metal sound that instills a feeling of nostalgia in listeners. Bursting with energy and dynamic guitar runs, Suicide Cages creates a catchy yet brutally heavy sound with "Mother of Thousands". The track ends with a powerful breakdown that fades out the song dramatically.

Clocking in at just under 4 minutes, "Charm Offensive" starts off with a lofi effect over distant guitars before launching into full-blown crushing riffs and extreme vocals. Mixing elements of classic death metal and deathcore into their own unique sound, Suicide Cages creates an attractively heavy sound. "Charm Offensive" jumps into unexpected melodic guitar riffage with a blues/jazz-type sound, adding an array of versatility to the song to keep it fresh and wildly entertaining. Suicide Cages creates a hectic yet deeply controlled sound with "Charm Offensive" forming a powerfully distinct flavor of extreme metal that listeners are sure to enjoy.

The 3rd song, "A Gentle Indifference" wastes no time, blasting off into electrifying instrumental riffage to introduce the song. Suicide Cages accompanies the lethal instrumentation with harsh vocals and volatile drumming to create a full atmosphere of intensely fierce metal. Creating a raw yet well-refined sound, Suicide Cages crafts an expert display of classic metal with a modern make-over to form their own concoction of sound.

The final track "Pageant Smile" starts with a belting scream that launches into cataclysmic riffs and an intensely heavy scope of sound. Throughout "Mother of Thousands" Suicide Cages create and further an onslaught of memorable instrumentals, unrelenting screams, and an overall energetic soundscape. In a potent finale, "Pageant Smile" launches into double bass patterns, rapid guitar chugging, and screeching dissonance. Suicide Cages ends their EP on a brutally heavy note, ending their display of explosive sound.

Overall "Mother of Thousands" is an impressive exhibition of Suicide Cages musical style that will appeal to fans of death metal, deathcore, thrash, and black metal! You can stream the full EP "Mother of Thousands" on SoundCloud or listen to their single from the EP, "Charm Offensive" out on all streaming platforms!

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