Album Review | "Eternal Perversion" - Necrotized

Album Review | "Eternal Perversion" - Necrotized
Spotify Cover: Necrotized

Track List

  1. Verses of the Perverse
  2. Afterbirth Dessert
  3. Bloated Bag of Entrails
  4. Dismembered Delicacy
  5. New Born Dissection
  6. Visceral Malevolence
  7. Basement Impalement
  8. Bathing In Entrails


Necrotized released their debut album "Eternal Perversion" on May 10th. The album gives listeners their first taste of the band's death metal sound and gore-filled lyrics.

"Verses of the Perverse" takes the role of the albums intro track. The 2 and a half minute song displays the story of a serial killer who calls 911 and murders on a live recording. "Verses of the Perverse" acts as a disturbing and gorey introduction to the rest of the album.

"Afterbirth Dessert" comes on next, clocking in just over 4 minutes. The song is starts off with rapid drum rolls before bursting into a blast beat with high guitar melodies and growls working to fill in the atmosphere. Necrotized creates an agressive death metal sound filled with rapid tempos, groovy sections, intense vocals, and even a brutal breakdown.

The 3rd track, "Bloated Bag of Entrails" furthers the albums theme of gore. With thrashing riffs and racing drum beats, Necrotized creates a lightning paced song that makes slower sections incredibly intense in comparison to the tempo of the rest of the track.

"Dismembered Delicacy" starts with clapping and a classical music performace before launching into the bands signature sound in an explosive fashion. Necrotized does an excellent job of taking a classic death metal sound that bands such as Cannibal Corpse have perfected and mixing it with a modern style and adding their own spin to it. Brutal low growls and depth filled guitar chugs create a truly captivating and intensely heavy sound.

"New Born Dissection" takes the 5th spot on "Eternal Perversion" and it wastes no time, jumping directly into an impossibly fast blast beat that brings out our inner thrash fanatic. When the riff breaks down, it becomes incredibly heavy before taking off with rapid vocals. "New Born Dissection" keeps it short and sweet at 1 minute and 45 seconds keeping a constant and unrelenting energy.

"Visceral Malevolence" starts with an ominous sample before transitioning swiftly into brutal blasting death metal. Technical guitar riffage, drumwork, and excellent vocals form a sound any fan of classic death metal cant help but enjoy.

The 7th song, "Basement Impalement" features a dark, tolling bell and evil-sounding guitar melodies that quickly lead into the band's rapid paced instrumental and vocal sound. Quick shifts between high, low and mid ranged vocal screaming and growling tones keep the song fresh and interesting. A soaring guitar solo breaks up the song, adding new composure to the track.

The final song of the album, "Bathing In Entrails" is just over 4 minutes and it delivers an exciting finale to the 26 minute album, "Eternal Perversion". Double bass beats and thrashing guitar riffs create a groovy atmosphere that is incrased further with Necrotized vocals. Fans of genres like death metal, grindcore, and goregrind will highly enjoy "Eternal Perversion". You can stream Necrotized's first ever release, now!

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