Song Review | "Everything's Fine - Through The Void

Song Review | "Everything's Fine - Through The Void

Belgian metal band Through The Void released their latest track "Everything's Fine" on November 3rd. The song starts with an explosive scream that bursts into aggressive guitar chugging and rapid double-bass drumming. Through The Void slows it down with emotional guitar strumming and nu-metal spoken/rapped vocals before transitioning into a powerful chorus filled with vibrant guitar chords and intense screamed vocals. The song builds in energy as the second verse is screamed with much more power than the first, showing an increasing dynamic throughout the song.

After a ferocious chorus, Through The Void teases bending guitar in a tense build-up before throwing the listener into the midst of a robust breakdown that gets progressively slower and heavier, especially towards the end of the song. Through The Void does an excellent job of mixing genres like nu-metal, metalcore, and alternative metal to create their own distinct sound. Fans of the aforementioned genres will definitely enjoy Through The Void. You can stream "Everything's Fine" out now!

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