Existentialist - Media Kit

Existentialist - Media Kit
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Existentialist is a blackened tech-death outfit from Colchester, Essex, Uk. The band was founded by Olly Winn (drums) and Jonny Flack (guitar) in 2015.

Since releasing their debut album ‘Prophet of Ignorance’ at the start of 2020, the band has been gigging all over the UK,  including playing festivals such as Bloodstock Festival (2022) after winning the Essex Metal To The Masses.

Existentialist has recently signed a record deal with Seek and Strike, who released their second Album ‘The Heretic’ earlier this year on April 28th.

Latest Work

The band's most recent album, "The Heretic" is a lightning-fast exhibition of technical instrumentation and impossibly intense vocals. Existentialist uses unique modern influences such as electronic effects, choirs, and orchestral sounds to create a fresh sound. Existentialist creates powerful music that fans of extreme metal can't help but enjoy. With a brutal sound that is backed by melody, the UK band displays a variety of styles and influences.


Deathcore, Metalcore, Technical Death Metal


Olly Winn (Drums)

Jonny Flack (Rhythm Guitar)

Patty Kolasa (Vocals)

Sam Berriman (Lead Guitar)

Phil Morley (Bass)

Streaming: Spotify | YouTube |Apple Music

Social Media: Instagram | Facebook

Music Videos: "Shrouded In Darkness" | "The Zealot's Demise"