Metalcore Act Farsight Release 2nd EP "Hypoxia"

5-piece metalcore band, Farsight, released their 6-track EP "Hypoxia" on May 31st. The 20 minutes and 49 seconds of musical destruction that ensues is enough to draw in any metal fan.

Metalcore Act Farsight Release 2nd EP "Hypoxia"


  1. Detrimental Chemistry
  2. E.O.D
  3. Negative Space
  4. Limbo
  5. Deathwish
  6. 28 Days


5-piece metalcore band, Farsight, released their 6-track EP "Hypoxia" on May 31st. The 20 minutes and 49 seconds of musical destruction that ensues is enough to draw in any metal fan. The intro song "Detrimental Chemistry" starts off with electronic beats before jumping straight into down-tuned guitar violence and lead guitar runs that take inspiration from classic Indian instrumentals. Blending modern metalcore, flawless production, and an exciting sound, Farsight creates a powerfully unique opening song. Mixing extreme vocals with melodic leads and brutal chugging, "Detrimental Chemistry" balances contrast expertly while mixing in intense breakdowns for even more variety.

"E.O.D" comes out the gates with a racing blast beat, harsh screams, and rapid guitar chugging. Fast screaming creates an attractive vocal flow that shows clear rap elements. Farsight does an excellent job of utilizing percussive vocals to create memorable and catchy lines despite the lack of clean singing. "E.O.D" clocks in at just under 3 minutes and is a brutally intense display of heavy metal that keeps dynamic pacing and stays full of energy throughout its runtime.

The halfway point, "Negative Space" starts with bright progressive lead guitar before introducing DJ scratching effects and electronic elements that display complex layers of instrumentals. Farsight utilizes Lofi-esque effects on vocals and instrumentals at points that do an outstanding job of creating contrast and dramatic moments in their music. "Negative Space" uses experimental effects and exhibits a diverse range of sounds while still staying true to the band's metalcore/deathcore influences. With elements of dubstep towards the end of the track, Farsight shows off wildly interesting innovations upon their music.

"Limbo" blasts off into heavy-hitting riffage and high screams, quickly establishing a crushingly heavy atmosphere. Transitioning between more dense and more empty atmospheres, Farsight creates fierce atmospheres and uses screeching distortion that reminds us of hardcore acts like Knocked Loose. Rythmic double bass drumming and explosive guitar chugs create a striking breakdown that is one of our favorites of the album.

"Deathwish" starts with a growing ambient atmosphere that feels like it may take a calmer turn, but decisively the song blasts into brutally low guitar devastation and Farsight's distinct vocals. Intense gutturals work alongside ferocious instrumentals to create a beautifully heavy soundscape that Farsight masters. In a sudden turn, "Deathwish" transitions into spoken vocals with a raw distorted effect that quickly changes into screams. After a lethal assault, Farsight fades out the song with distant vocals and ambient guitar tones.

The final song "28 Days" starts with clean guitar and building drums with layered screams emphasized over the gentler instrumentals. Soon the band leaps into progressive guitar chords, impactful drums, and more energetic vocals. Prog clean guitar melodies fill the atmosphere as Farsight shifts to impressively fast rapping before launching into an extreme breakdown with a nasty blegh. After a display of brutally heavy metal, "28 Days" switches into a complex clean atmosphere. Distant choir vocals, orchestral strings, and reverbed guitar leads form a powerful outro to the EP.

"Hypoxia" is an impressive display of Farsight's creative musical style. The band shows a unique sound that blends influences from multiple metal genres, rap, electronic music, and ethnic folk music. Farsight showcases a promising and attractive discography that fans of metalcore, deathcore, hardcore, and more are certain to enjoy.

You can stream Farsight's 6-track EP "Hypoxia" out on all streaming platforms now!

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