Song Review | "Fight" - Innocents Torn

Song Review | "Fight" - Innocents Torn
Spotify Cover: Innocents Torn

Vancouver, Washington's very own, Innocents Torn, released their explosive single, "Fight" on June 30th. The band displays an aggressive sound and is a classic tale of revenge. Innocents Torn excellently mix an old-school metal sound with modern production and flair. Vocalist Bonny Freimuth had this to say about the track:

""Fight" is a raw and intense song that serves as a powerful anthem of reckoning. At its core, It’s about getting what’s coming to you. We poured our hearts and souls into this track, and we're thrilled to share it with our fans."

With powerful raw vocals, rapid drumming, and heavy-hitting guitar riffage, Innocents Torn creates a distinctly filled atmosphere. A soaring guitar solo shows the technical prowess of the band and transitions the song excellently. Chanting and passion-filled vocals work together with the instrumentals to form an energetic track from start to finish. With a runtime of just under 3 minutes, "Fight" has great replayability. Fans of classic metal and heavy metal will highly enjoy Innocents Torn! You can stream "Fight" now and stay tuned for the release of their upcoming EP "Ride or Die"!

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