Song Review | "Ghost" - 6deep

Song Review | "Ghost" - 6deep
Ghost - Cover

Deathcore act 6deep released their latest single "Ghost" on April 12th. The track starts off with ominous ambience before introducing guitar distortion and intense growls. In an explosive drop, 6deep launches into down-tuned guitar chugs, technical instrumental riffage, and extreme vocals. With excellent production, electronic elements, and atmospheric sounds filling in the soundscape behind heavy-hitting instrumentals, 6deep creates an intricate layering of sound.

"Ghost" uses trap beats to create a distinct and exciting sound alongside a volatile and intensely heavy beatdown deathcore style. With a scream, 6deep throws the listener into the midst of a technical breakdown filled with rapid double bass drum patterns, dissonance, and electronic ambience, forming a brutal and deeply complex scope of sound. "Ghost" is a masterfully crafted display of modern deathcore that blends a raw and earth-shatteringly heavy sound with refined production. Fans of deathcore, hardcore, and metalcore will certainly enjoy 6deep's distinct style of music. You can stream "Ghost" out everywhere now!

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