Song Review | "Give Me Back My Guitars" - Hollow Truths

Song Review | "Give Me Back My Guitars" - Hollow Truths
Spotify Cover: Hollow Truths

Maryland rock band, Hollow Truths, just released their latest single, "Give Me Back My Guitars". The track mixes 90's rock and elements of country/folk music in a fun and energetic style. With singing vocals, clean guitar chords, powerful electric guitar leads, and booming drums, Hollow Truths creates a dynamic and powerful overall sound. The 4-minute track has a memorable and catchy chorus that was our favorite part of the song. The rapid and bright guitar runs add another layer to the melodic chorus. "Give Me Back My Guitars" even packs in a bending guitar solo that pays homage to classic rock 'n' roll guitar styles.

Hollow Truths have a constant level of high energy carried out through the instrumentals and vocals that create a distinct sound that appeals to listeners of multiple genres. Fans of classic rock, country, and hard rock will certainly enjoy "Give Me Back My Guitars". You can listen to Hollow Truths' latest single now!

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