Song Review | "Head on a Stick" - Pantheon

Song Review | "Head on a Stick" - Pantheon
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The song starts with a sample from a horror movie, giving literal context to the name of this track. "Head on a Stick" bursts into fast tempo thrash drumming with blast beats and very quick, technical guitar work. The vocals are deep growls that remind me of Lamb of God's Randy Blythe. Pantheon creates a mix of old-school thrash and death metal, keeping a fast tempo and a very intense sound. The band went through a recent lineup change and Samoth Cook, son of guitarist BJ Cook, is now the current drummer. Excellent percussion and instrumentation make a full sound filled even more by the extreme vocals that add to the fierceness of the overall feeling of the track.

"Head on a Stick" has a runtime of nearly 5 minutes and is the first song on Pantheon's 2nd studio album, "Empire in Ruin". The best way to describe this song is Slayer meets Lamb of God, yet Pantheon still adds its own unique style to the music. If you want to hear a heavy-hitting album that pays homage to classic thrash and death metal but with modern influences, check out "Empire in Ruin"!

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