Song Review | "Hear Me Now" - A Day In Pompeii

Song Review | "Hear Me Now" - A Day In Pompeii
Spotify Cover: A Day In Pompeii

Virginian band, A Day In Pompeii, released their second single "Hear Me Now" on October 13th. The track starts with powerful lead guitar riffage in the style of hard rock/classic metal. The song breaks down into choppy guitar chugging, and thumping bass, giving free reign for the passionate female vocals to control the pace of the track. A Day In Pompeii mixes metal-inspired instrumentals with melodic singing creating an attractive blend of brutality and melody. Screaming is gently layered behind the primary singing in "Hear Me Now" 's dynamic chorus, creating a strong contrast between the two vocal styles.

A Day in Pompeii transitions to a clean bridge with gentle guitar and bass leads creating harmonies with technical solos before bursting back into distorted guitar chords in a final energy-filled chorus. After an instrumental finale, "Hear Me Now" ends at just over 5 minutes. A Day In Pompeii creates an incredibly well-refined sound and offers music that fans of female-fronted music, hard rock, and metal, are sure to enjoy! You can stream "Hear Me Now" out everywhere!

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