Song Review | "HELLHOLE" - Miserys End

Song Review | "HELLHOLE" - Miserys End
Spotify Cover: Miserys End

Virginia two-man project, Miserys End, released their latest single, "Hellhole" on April 14th. The 3-minute track starts with building, ominous strings that lead into explosive chugging and groovy bass lines. The vocals are powerful screams and growls that accentuate the rest of the music, making a full and entirely brutal song.  Miserys End creates a song with intense bass drops, an incredible breakdown, and even a "blegh". Mixing elements from deathcore and hardcore, "Hellhole" keeps a fresh, yet wildly heavy sound. Sinister guitar melodies and ambience do an excellent job of creating a strong atmosphere. The song goes into a one-liner that leads into an awesome breakdown with drawn-out guitar between chugging, creating multiple layers of sound. The breakdown continues and fades out the track in an intense finale.

Fans of deathcore bands with blackened and symphonic elements like Chelsea Grin and Lorna Shore will highly enjoy Miserys End. Go check out "Hellhole" now!

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