EP Review | "Hymns of Angel Lust" - seeing hell

EP Review | "Hymns of Angel Lust" - seeing hell
Spotify Cover: seeing hell

Track List

  1. Gloss
  2. Cheat Death
  3. Black Horse
  4. I See
  5. Gloss2
  6. Pulse


Hailing from Memphis, seeing hell just released their debut EP, "Hymns of Angel Lust". The first track "Gloss" starts with an ambient introduction that slowly raises listener's anticipation until the song kicks in with a screeching guitar. Sludgy and dark guitar chords are held out with distorted spoken vocals filling in the atmosphere. Abruptly "Gloss" explodes into screaming and brutal guitar chugging. In a mix of sludge and death metal, "Gloss" proves to be a strong opener.

"Cheat Death" starts with clean guitar melodies and lofi-filtered drums before bursting into hardcore-esque screams and harmonic guitar chords, in an amalgamation of extreme metal genres and melody-based rock genres. seeing hell shows a vastly different sound from their first track and displays a fresh style that leaves us excited to see where the band takes us next.

The 2-minute "Black Horse" wastes no time, exploding into rapid guitar riffage, drumming, and intense screams creating a sound that reminds us of hardcore bands such as Knocked Loose. "Black Horse" introduces a new sound that seems to mix hardcore, deathcore, and even elements of black metal into their style. seeing hell creates cataclysmic breakdowns and volatile, bass-boosted chugging that are sure to get any metalhead going.

"I See" starts off with gentle, yet ominous, guitar that introduces dark electric guitar melodies and low-mumbled vocals, forming a blackened atmosphere. Dissonant chords build with bass before dropping into powerful chugging and rapid screaming vocals. Clocking in at 5 minutes and 45 seconds, "I See" is the longest track on seeing hell's EP and it takes the form of a song that mixes sludge, grunge, and hardcore genres excellently into seeing hell's distinct sound. A soaring guitar solo closes out the song in an epic fashion and shows the band's technical shredding.

"Gloss 2" builds up with dark guitar and clean vocals before aggressively launching into deep chugging and rage-filled screams that balance chaos and control in a way that reminds us of Slipknots Iowa. Full guitar chords and lightning-paced vocals work together with deep bass and drums to generate a satisfyingly full musical scene.

The final track, "Pulse" starts with screeching distortion that grows a sense of uneasiness in the listener until heavy guitar riffage joins in. With a brutal and unexpected "blegh", seeing hell's finale takes off with the most aggressive introduction so far of the EP. With "Pulse" seeing hell masterfully builds up multiple times to different intensely heavy riffs, making a song that leaves you trying to guess what comes next. Mixing many of the band's extreme metal influences, "Pulse" closes out "Hymns of Angels Lust" with a bang. Fans of sludge, deathcore, death metal, and black metal will greatly enjoy seeing hell! You can stream their full EP out now!

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