Irian Darkwood Announces Debut Single "Lost Heart"

Irian Darkwood Announces Debut Single "Lost Heart"
Irian Darkwood - "Lost Heart" cover

Reigning from Halifax, Canada, Irian Darkwood is a rock singer/songwriter debuting her single "Lost Heart" on June 21st. Irian Darkwood creates a ballad-like atmosphere with gentle piano melodies and soaring guitar leads, before introducing powerful singing vocals. "Lost Heart" is a powerful rock-imbued anthem that puts an emphasis on strong vocal melodies and catchy instrumental compositions.

Clocking in at just under 6-minutes, "Lost Heart" takes the listener on a moving journey that navigates heartbreak and growth, using meaningful lyrics to create deep emotional responses. Blending a guitar-driven rock sound with classical ballads, soul, and blues, Irian Darkwood creates an attractive and thought-provoking musical style that is distinctly her own. "Lost Heart" is a promising showcase of what Irian Darkwood has to offer and leaves us excited to see what the unique singer/songwriter creates next. "Lost Heart" will release June 21st on all streaming platforms, don't miss it!

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