EP Review | "Jaws of Janus" - Revenge Prevails

EP Review | "Jaws of Janus" - Revenge Prevails

Track List

  1. Maw
  2. Dungeon
  3. Sculptor


Revenge Prevails started in 2008 and is still going strong having just released their latest EP "Jaws of Janus" in July. The EP starts with "Maw", a 6-minute track that introduces itself with ominous whispers and haunting guitar leads. An epic guitar and drum build-up sets a powerful tone that is furthered when rapid guitar chugging joins the mix. With chord progressions that remind us of death metal greats such as Gojira, Revenge Prevails sets the mood for the EP with heavy instrumentals and raw screaming vocals. One of the highlights of "Maw" is the break where the track erupts into scream/squealing vocals before introducing harmonic female vocals in a mix of brutality and melody. In the finale of the song, "Maw" changes pace to a groovy section with clean guitar and more of a blues-influenced sound that really surprised us.

Next up is "Dungeon" which starts with swift pacing and intensely raw screaming. Lighting-paced drumming and riffage create a dynamic atmosphere that changes to a melodic chorus with female vocals and bright chords creating a catchy hook before exploding back into the band's brutal sound. With blast beats and tremolo picking, Revenge Prevails seems to mix genres such as black metal, thrash, and death metal. After a second chorus, "Dungeon" transitions into a soaring, technical guitar solo that ends the song excellently.

"Sculptor" starts with a cleaner guitar tone and eerie ambience setting an atmospheric feel to the song. The track brings back the jazz/blues-influenced metal sound that was foreshadowed near the end of "Maw" with gentle female singing and a groove-filled sound. After about 1 and a half minutes, the song ferociously bursts into blast beats, chugging and screaming in a huge energy shift. In "Sculptor" Revenge Prevails does a masterful job of balancing a progressive, djent-styled sound with singing and melody with an aggressive death metal/black metal sound. Clocking in at over 7 minutes, the final song of the EP has it all. Catchy hooks, impressive guitar solos, brutal vocals and instrumentals, and more!

Overall Revenge Prevails blends multiple metal genres in a way that displays their own distinct sound. Fans of black metal, progressive metal, and death metal will definitely enjoy "Jaws of Janus". You can check out Revenge Prevails latest music now!

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