Song Review | Keeper of the Void By VoidKeeper

Song Review | Keeper of the Void By VoidKeeper
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Massachusetts-based Blackened death/doom metal band VoidKeeper's latest single "Keeper of the Void" is out now! The song starts with a downtempo beat, guitar chugging, and haunting vocals that blend in with the music and add heavily to the ambience of the song. VoidKeeper creates a sound that blends the raw heaviness of death metal with melodic elements and adds their own touch of groove. With powerful chords being chugged, catchy tremolo picking, and a wonderful guitar solo, VoidKeeper introduces a sound that remains incredibly brutal yet refined and symphonic. With lots of droning noise "Keeper of the Void" keeps a consistent atmosphere that excellently adds to the overall sound of the song. This is a very enjoyable track and I think that fans of extreme metal subgenres and even classic metal will definitely like VoidKeeper's genre-bending sound.

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