EP Review | Lamentations of an Endless Story - Mrakomor / Suspirium

EP Review | Lamentations of an Endless Story - Mrakomor / Suspirium
Cover Art: Lamentations of an Endless Story


  1. Suspirium - Las memorias de un adiós
  2. Suspirium - Las Historias Sin Final
  3. Mrakomor - From Dream to Dream
  4. Mrakomor - Crimson Twilights
  5. Mrakomor - Last Cigarette


Czech black metal artist, Mrakomor collaborated on a split released with Suspirium to create a 5-track EP on January 28th. The EP starts off with “Las memorias de un adiós” a track by Suspirium that begins with ambient water noises before launching to bright guitar chords, energetic drum work and raw vocal screams. With a distinct lofi/black metal mix, Suspirium creates a unique soundscape.

The 2nd track by Suspirium “Las Historias Sin Final” clocks in at 7 minutes. Beginning with atmospheric wind the song quickly evolves into tremolo picking, dynamic drumming and powerful vocals. The song takes the listener on a journey through bright chord progressions, and reverbed instrumentals, creating a haunting sound.

Next up is “From Dream to Dream”, the remainder of the EP is music from Mrakomor. The song creates a powerful sound with raw and overdriven guitar and vocals creating an explosive “maxed out” feel. Melancholy guitar leads and inhuman vocals work together to create an intense black metal soundscape.

“Crimson Twilights” starts with clean guitar and guitar melodies, creating a gentle yet somber atmosphere. The song creates a soft and thought-provoking interlude between tracks that acts as a fresh addition to the EP.

“Last Cigarette” starts off with distorted guitar riffage and explosive screaming that create a brutal sound filled with raw instrumentals and belting vocal techniques. Fans of black metal will enjoy Mrakomor’s distinct and fresh take on the genre. The final track “Last Cigarette” closes out the album excellently, furthering the EP’s dark and sad vibe. Mrakomor gradually fades out the EP into silence, drawing the 5-track piece to an end.

Mrakomor creates a unique style of black metal that fans of the genre will definitely want to check out! You can stream “Lamentations of an Endless Story” out on BandCamp now!

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