Song Review | "Left To The Crows - Nature Pleads Revenge

Song Review | "Left To The Crows - Nature Pleads Revenge
Spotify Cover: Nature Pleads Revenge

Canada-based melodic deathcore/metalcore crossover band, Nature Pleads Revenge released their latest single "Left To The Crows" in late July. The 5-and-a-half-minute track starts with bright guitar chords that introduce a brutal scream before transitioning into rapid, technical riffage. Nature Pleads Revenge creates an intense extreme metal sound that retains melody and catchiness through bright and dynamic instrumental tones that complement the band's aggressive vocals. The song's chorus changes to singing, forming a vocal hook that keeps the song fresh and varied from the rest of the track.

After a soaring guitar solo filled with lightning-paced shredding, "Left to The Crows" catapults the listener into an intensely heavy breakdown. Strings in the background build up an evil vibe before exploding into primal growls and guitar screeches between chugging. In an excellent finale to the track, Nature Pleads Revenge ends things on a fierce note. Fans of deathcore, metalcore, and extreme metal genres will enjoy "Left To The Crows". You can listen to Nature Pleads Revenge's latest music now!

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